QUAntum SAfe Randomness

Project objectives

The generation of random numbers is of fundamental importance for applications related to information technology and for scientific simulations. Concerning information technology, all cryptographic protocols are based on the availability of private random numbers and any predictability on their generation can weaken the protocol. Concerning scientific simulations, their accuracy and reliability is related to the quality of random numbers used to generate arbitrary initial conditions.

Unlike algorithm-based generators (the so called Pseudo-Random Generators), Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNGs) are based on quantum mechanical principles: the intrinsic randomness of quantum measurements is at the basis of QRNGs.

The objectives of QUASAR are:

In QUASAR, we will take advantage of the Semi-Device-Independent approach, that allows to certify the randomness of the generated numbers without the complete calibration of the used devices but exploiting some reasonable physical assumptions on them that require simple and reliable device characterization.

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